Radio microphones can be used in Estonia in the following frequency bands and conditions:

Radio frequency band Transmission power / power density Channel
37.6-38.6 MHz Maximum erp 10 mW Maximum 50kHz
174-216 MHz Maximum erp 50 mW -
470-694 MHz * Maximum erp 50 mW -
823-826 MHz Maximum eirp 20 mW;
Maximum eirp 100 mW (body-mounted microphone)
200 kHz
826-832 MHz The largest eirp is 100 mW 200 kHz
863-865 MHz Maximum erp 10 mW -
1785-1804.8 MHz Maximum eirp 20 mW;
50 mW (body-mounted wireless microphone)

The use of radio microphones in the 470-694 MHz band should take into account the potential disturbance of wireless microphones in TV broadcasters. We recommend that radio microphones be used at frequencies that are not used in the broadcasting of TV channels in Estonia in a specific area. You can find the frequencies and locations of current broadcasters here:

The borders of the country must also take into account possible disturbances in neighboring TV broadcasters.

The conditions for the use of radio microphones have been established by Regulation No. 96 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 7 October 2011 "Terms and Conditions for the Use of Radio Frequencies and Radio Frequency Disc Radio Equipment" (Annex 13 " Radio Microphones")