License exempt frequencies / No individual license required
• 174 - 230 MHz
• 470 - 694 MHz
• 823 - 832 MHz
• 863 - 865 MHz
• 1785 - 1804.8 MHz

To get further information see FICORAs regulation on collective frequencies for
license-exempt radio transmitters, PMSE are in section 19:


Mandatory application / Applying for a short-term licence

The radio microphones will be licence-exempted if they operate on the allowed frequencies and accordance with the standard. In cases where parameters of use such like maximum ERP or bandwidth deviates from those exempted from licence. FICORA grants a radio licence if necessary to the radio microphone. The radio licences are applied from FICORA with the application form and FICORA assigns parameters and the frequencies to be used in the radio licence.


The frequency fee of a licence bases on the number of equipment and frequencies used. The frequency fee of a short-term licence is at least one fourth of an annual frequency fee but no less than EUR 18.
• Typical fees (for using a bandwidth of 200 kHz):
- 18 EUR for a single microphone up to 12 months - 29 EUR for 10 microphones up to 3 months
- 71 EUR for 30 microphones up to 3 months

Detailed information about frequency fees at

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Radio microphone user - are your licence matters in order? areyourlicencemattersinorder.html

Note: information as of April 2018