License exempt frequencies / No individual license required
• 174 - 230 MHz
• 470 - 694 MHz
• 823 - 832 MHz
• 863 - 865 MHz
• 1785 - 1804.8 MHz

Use of licence-exempt microphones in the 174–230 MHz, 470–694 MHz, 823–832 MHz, 863–865 MHz and 1785–1804.8 MHz frequency bands

A microphone is exempted from licensing if it only operates on frequencies exempted from licensing. The user of the microphone can choose the operational frequency but the frequency must be between 174–230 MHz, 470–694 MHz, 823–832 MHz, 863–865 MHz or 1785–1804.8 MHz. The user must have no other frequencies available.

The frequencies and technical terms of operation of licence-exempt radio microphones can also be found in section 19 of Traficom's Regulation 15. Furthermore, there are licence-exempt radio microphones to be used in the frequencies referred to in section 6 of Regulation 15 (DECT equipment) as well as in the 2.4 GHz frequency band referred to in section 10 (non-specific short range devices) and section 13 (wide-band data transmission equipment) of the Regulation. Radio microphones exempted from licensing may only use collective frequencies referred to in Regulation 15.



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