Add new scan to database

Supported formats

  • . csv - Wireless workbench format (frequency in MHz , Amplitude in dbm)
    470.000, -109.0
  • .csv - Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager -format
    Currently scan file must be in format:
    Frequency;RF level (%);RF level
  • .sdb2 and .sdb3 - Shure hardware format
    Default RBW on AXT600 Spectrum manager is 200kHz. To get a lower noise floor, RBW value of 25kHz may be used.
  • .csv Aim TTi zipped folder can compile your Aim TTi PSA-series .CSV files automatically to be used with coordination software of your choice. To get desired RBW, you can perform partial scans and then save these raw scans in a directory. You can then zip-compress the full directory containing the original .csv scan-files and upload the zip-file to database, which will automatically parse the header information and combine all sub-scans into a single .csv file. Please name the zip-file with your scans according to this format: Country_(State)
  • .csv Wisycom
  • .sdf Lectrosonics Wireless Designer

Recommended settings for scan data

  • Frequency span : 470 MHz - 870 Mhz
  • Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 25 KHz

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