Taajuus.info  / rfscans.com is online database for  RF engineers to plan off-site in advance of any event.

RF-scans database contains rf-scan files which can be used for  preliminary off-site coordination of wireless mics and in-ear monitors. Please note that these scans only present a snapshot of the radio frequency activity (RF environment) at  a certain location at a given time. Scan files can be downloaded as .csv files which could be imported in frequency coordination software such as  Shure Wireless Workbench or Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager orIntermodulation Analysis System (IAS) by Professional Wireless Systems.

Taajuus.info can even convert .csv files between platforms! For example, you can perform wide band scan using Shure AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager and import  the converted spectrum data in WSM. Or you can perform a scan with your Sennheiser mic receivers and then use this data with WWB. Support for general .csv format allows you to perform scan with  spectrum analyzer such as RF Explorer, Signal Hound etc. and then use this data on coordination software of your choice. If you are using IAS, you can download  scan files in compatible Shure format.

Directory of rental companies  can be consulted by geographic area, manufacturer or frequency band.